Why choose to use a Mortgage Broker over your bank?

September 9, 2015

  1. EDUCATED, CERTIFIED and LICENSED In British Columbia , we are government licensed and regulated. While employees of banks and financial institutions do not need to comply with any mandatory requirements or obtain a government license , mortgage brokers do. We complete mandatory industry and finance courses at UBC and must pass a rigorous exam. We are then licensed by the Provincial Government regulating body, which includes an process of extensive background checks and a criminal record search. We abide by the Mortgage Brokers act and Regulations, which include stringent ethics and confidentiality protocols. Many of us also belong to professional associations such as the Mortgage Brokers association of BC MBABC and Canadian Association of Mortgage Professionals CAAMP.
  2. EXPERTISE Unlike the staff at your bank, we do one thing only, and hence we do it well : MORTGAGES. We don’t want or need to move your bank account, we don’t sell you investments, RRSP’s or foreign currency. We don’t get promoted or shuffled from one department to another, but rather develop specialized knowledge in the area or lending and borrowing. Reputable brokers have one goal, to get you the best and most suitable mortgage possible. As specialists in this field, we have a thorough understanding of the mortgage market as well as all the available lenders options , features and rates. Our comfortable familiarity with “everything mortgage” allows us to be a complete resource of information to our clients. Good brokers are well equipped to ensure that their clients know exactly whats going on every step of the way.
  3. INDEPENDENT We offer absolute and unbiased advice. We are not employed by a particular lender, so we consider them all, based on merit and performance, not for any other notice. We can freely shop them all to ensure your getting the most suitable rate and product based on your situation, needs and future goals. The clerk at your bank is not going to tell you that the bank down the street has a special rate promotion or limited rate special. As your mortgage specialist , I work for YOU not the lenders.  We are professionals and we know exactly what the lenders are looking for in a successful mortgage application. We will prepare your application and advise you of the necessary documents needed and then present your application in the best possible light for approval. If there are any weaknesses in your profile , we provide you solid objective advise on a course of action that will put you in a good position to help you overcome them.  Best of all , my professional service, sound advice and ongoing mortgage solutions and annual mortgage reviews are absolutely FREE. At your convenience, whether its over the phone, email, or over a coffee…in the evening or on a weekend, I am here to make the process smooth and simple. TOTAL MORTGAGE KNOWLEDGE…..don’t settle for anything less. Your Port Coquitlam mortgage broker servicing all of the Lower Mainland and BC with all your mortgage needs.